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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Maddie Bean


Maddie possesses a strong background in the world of early childhood development deeply rooted in community engagement. With a special focus in evaluating early childhood programs and using evidence-based criteria, she fosters quality childcare with the goal of enhancing lifelong outcomes. As a certified CLASS observer, she has solidified the understanding and importance of quality classroom interactions and instructional practices. Maddie’s education in clinical mental health counseling brings a well-rounded and empathetic perspective.


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Kim West

Assistant Director


Sarah Burnett

Owner/Office Manager

Sarah's intention is to be an advocate for the safety and security of children in our care and community. Sarah intends to do her part in Mindful Minis intentional shift towards mental health driven childcare for the children who drive the future.

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Lindsey McClung

Head Teacer


Joe Mitchell


Joe is a devoted father of two, who has a strong passion for childcare and self-growth. He believes that raising children is one of the most important and rewarding roles a person can have in life. He loves helping children learn and grow, and he finds it incredibly rewarding to watch children develop new skills and abilities. 

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Bailey Mitchell, LCMFT-S


With a License in Family Therapy and a mom of two, Mindful Minis founder recognized the large need for mental health informed care in the childcare setting. Bailey's goal is to change the expectations of childcare by increasing mental health informed, intentional care. Bailey wants to create a space that parents feel confident and comfortable sending their children to.


Amy Meek, LCMFT-S, RPT-S

Licensed Therapist and Educator

Amy Meek is a licensed therapist with a focus and passion in Play Therapy. Amy believes in assisting a child to find their sense of mastery, while utilizing a whole child approach. Amy will provide hands on training and education for staff.


Lyndi Stokes, LMSW

Licensed Therapist and Educator

With an education in social work and a licensed therapist, Lyndi will provide behavior consultation and trainings for staff to increase education and confidence.


Myranda Conley, LPC, CPT 

Licensed Therapist and Educator

With an education in Professional Counseling and a Certified Play Therapist, Myranda will provide groups for children and parents to increase positive growth and development and confidence in parenting skills.

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