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Our Learning Environments


Our infant room consists of infants from the ages of 6 weeks - 12 months. The infant room's intentional approach is grounded in attachment theory that encourages responding promptly to a baby's cues and connecting and attuning to the baby to encourage growth in their neural networks for positive growth and brain development.

Toddlers 1 & 2

Our Toddler 1 and 2 classrooms are for ages 12 months - 24 months. These classrooms focus on encouraging gross motor skills and providing connection, support and redirection when the child is overwhelmed. Additionally, to work towards emotional co-regulation, identification of feelings and furthered cognitive, emotional and physical growth.

Early Preschool 1

2 + year old's.

This classroom will work on increasing emotional awareness and identification while incorporating strength-based projections and reflections to increase positive beliefs about self. Staff will utilize our gentle CARE behavior approach to manage unregulated behavior and follow an educational curriculum.

Early Preschool 2

3 year old +

Increasing skills for mindfulness, regulation, emotional identification and encouraging positive beliefs about self through observation and reflections in play and exploration. Staff will utilizing our gentle CARE behavior approach and follow an educational curriculum.

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