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About Us

Your Child Is In Intentional Hands

Mindful Minis is a mental health-informed childcare center. Founded and owned by a licensed therapist and mom of two, Mindful Minis understands the importance of brain development in a child’s early years and strives to ensure the best care for children utilizing brain science & techniques with gentle, integrated approaches to increase coping skills and positive growth in children. We have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable about mental health and play therapy and are committed to providing education, training & modeling for our staff. Our approach includes attachment theory, connection, integration of the brain, redirecting behavior with a whole-brain approach, creating safe spaces for children to express themselves, and providing resources for parents and caregivers to ensure their children are getting the best care possible. We are passionate about creating a better tomorrow for our children and their developing minds. We are dedicated to providing them with the best environment and resources to support their growth and development.

Our Intention

Collaborative Approach

Understanding the importance of quality, intentional childcare, our owners are passionate about providing care that increases a parents comfort when they're sending their child to daycare. Our goal at Mindful Minis is to not only collaborate with the community for a whole-child approach but to collaborate with each parent to ensure feelings of connection and comfort and gather feedback to provide the best care for each family. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns and collaborate with you to provide the most comfortable care for your child. 

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